Winter Fitness and Conditioning Series

Get your dog in shape for the new season!

Dig It DTC Obedience Hall

9.30-10.30am or 10-30-11.30am
4 dogs max per workshop
£40 for 4 workshops (Oct-Dec)
£75 for 8 workshops (Oct-Feb)


2018: 14th &  28th October, 18th November, 9th December
2019: 13th & 27th January, 17th February, 3rd March

  • Assess your dog’s conformation and their specific strengthening/proprioception needs
  • Produce a strengthening and conditioning exercise programme specifically for your dog and the sport(s) they do
  • Progress exercises across a 2 month (or 4 month) period
  • Facebook group where demonstration exercises posted and video feedback given on your videos

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